Stories from the clean energy revolution that's already underway

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150. Student white paper calls for climate change and green energy in schools

Alberta students present Climate Leadership in Alberta Schools white paper to the ministers of education and environment in Alberta calling for climate change to be added to the curriculum and schools to become models of sustainability. 

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149. Saskatchewan solar co-operative brings power to the people

There is plenty of support for this innovative (for Saskatchewan, anyways) energy project.

148. Summerside smart grid with energy storage nets 46% wind power

Renewable energy success story! Summerside PEI went from expensive diesel power generation to 46% wind by building a smart grid and using energy storage.

147. Bob Chelmick's solar-powered cabin in the woods

Bob Chelmick is a former CBC news anchor who built a solar cabin in the woods and started the groundbreaking radio series entitled The Road Home – solar powered radio!