Stories from the clean energy revolution that's already underway

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115. Calgary’s wind powered LRT an incredibly successful system: Nenshi

Calgary's LRT system is one of the most successful electrified transport systems in North America both from a ridership perspective and a green energy perspective. 

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114. Net-zero contagious: Five mini net-zero communities spring up across Canada

Canada's latest batch of net-zero homes is being built in Guelph, Ontario. We head to the build site to check them out up close. 

113. Beyond the Tesla Powerwall: How energy storage is shaping up in Ontario

Elon Musk's presentation on the Powerwall gave the energy storage business a billion dollars worth of free press. In Canada, Ontario is leading the way in energy storage deployment; we head there to learn more. 

112. Welcome to the Octopod: An off-grid, solar powered shipping container cabin in Bobcaygeon, Ontario

Shipping container architecture has become more and more popular over the years. We check out an off-grid solar powered example called the Octopod, located near Bobcaygeon, Ontario.