Stories from the clean energy revolution that's already underway

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100. Banff launches the first municipal solar feed-in tariff in Canada

Feed-in tariffs have transformed renewable energy markets around the world. Now the mountain town of Banff is the first municipality in Canada to institute this important piece of renewable energy supporting policy. 

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99. Craik, Saskatchewan: The little Eco-Village that could

What happens when you sell unserviced lots for a dollar and get people to build green homes on the edge of a small Saskatchewan town? We find out. 

98. Market snapshot: The state of electric vehicles in Canada

We check out one of the rarest electric vehicles in Canada and that spurs us to check on the state of the EV market here in Canada. 

97. Ban the beehive: Why wood waste to energy is a no-brainer

Whitecourt, Alberta has a pulp mill and a saw mill. With all that wood comes wood waste. We look at how one company is turning this wood waste into something useful — green electricity.