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103. Welcome to the Mosaic Centre: Canada's biggest net-zero building

Net-zero houses are almost old news here at Green Energy Futures. But a net-zero commercial building? Now that got our attention. 

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102. Everything you wanted to know about a kilowatt-hour but were afraid to ask

We can be guilty of using jargon here at Green Energy Futures. That's why this episode is dedicated to clearing up two of the most common used and misused terms that come up on a regular basis. 

101. Biochar 101

Titan Clean Energy Projects is a Saskatchewan-based company making a very interesting product: biochar. We visit their plant and learn more about this amazing product. 

100. Banff launches the first municipal solar feed-in tariff in Canada

Feed-in tariffs have transformed renewable energy markets around the world. Now the mountain town of Banff is the first municipality in Canada to institute this important piece of renewable energy supporting policy.