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88. Canada's first concentrated solar thermal plant

Welcome to Canada's first concentrated solar thermal energy plant in sunny Medicine Hat, Alberta. This is the farthest north such a plant has ever been built. Discover how "The Gas City" is adding solar and wind to diversify it's electricity supply in a city endowed with rich fossil fuel resources. 

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87. Solar stocks rising

Greg Schnell is a technical stock analyst and he's also my brother-in-law. He makes a good living researching, writing and investing in stocks based on historical stock chart data. So when, unprompted, he started telling me about the good things he was seeing in the solar industry I was intrigued. This week learn why one stock analyst thinks the future is bright for the solar industry. 

86. Echohaven: An environmentally friendly, energy efficient suburb

Echohaven is a different kind of suburban development. It preserves natural landscapes, mandates energy efficient homes and guarantees solar access. Located in northwest Calgary, it's greenfield development done differently. Come with us to Echohaven and explore how we can do suburban development better. 

85. How to make your smart meter even smarter

Chances are the electricity meter in your home is dumb as a sack of hammers. We head to Medicine Hat, Alberta, to find out what smart meters are, and we talk to the CEO of a company that makes smart meters even smarter.