Stories from the clean energy revolution that's already underway

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Cochrane students install solar and get new town policy permitting renewable energy

You could call it Sustainability High - since 2002 students in the Sustainable Development Committee at Cochrane High School in Alberta have raised almost $150,000 and build more than half a dozen solar, energy efficiency and green projects around their school.

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117. Sustainability snapshots: How Halifax, Tallinn, Hannover and Ottawa are learning from each other to make their cities more sustainable

From super-cooled rocks to free transit, learn what cities across Canada and Europe are doing to be greener. 

116. Tillsonburg: From tobacco farming to building wind turbine blades

In a repurposed auto parts factory on the edge of Tillsonburg, Ontario the transformation of the economy of Canada's most populous province is underway. 

115. Calgary’s wind-powered LRT an incredibly successful system: Nenshi

Calgary's LRT system is one of the most successful electrified transport systems in North America both from a ridership perspective and a green energy perspective.