Chasing Net Zero

Green Energy Futures four-part series on Edmonton emerging as a leader in net-zero homes in North America

Green Energy Futures' Chasing Net Zero series tells the story of Edmonton emerging as a hot spot in Canada for net-zero homes. In seven short years net-zero has gone from ground zero for net-zero to one company planning to make all of their new homes net zero ready! Net-zero homes produce as much energy as they consume, a great way to control utility costs for the life of the home. 

Chasing Net Zero series:

• Episode 78: Net Zero 101 featuring Mike Turner's home, Engineer, Manasc Isaac 
• Episode 79: Net Zero Beautiful features infill narrow lot housing and the 2010 UofC solar decathlon home
• Episode 80: Net Zero Evolution features architect Shafraaz Kaba's amazing net-zero ready home
• Episode 81: Net zero: Go Big or Go Home features Landmark Homes and their plans to make all new homes net-zero ready

in October we brought the architects, engineers, and builders in our Chasing Net Zero series to the stage at Grant MacEwen University in Edmonton for a panel event. Thanks to all who attended. 

 *Chasing Net Zero Event