Category: Waste Energy

Greenfield stack with Truly Green Farms greenhouse in background

187. Growing tomatoes with waste energy


A greenhouse in Ontario is using waste heat from the stack of an ethanol plant to grow tomatoes and that’s only the beginning of this amazing story of industrial symbiosis. Corn comes into the biorefinery and produces ethanol, industrial alcohol and corn oil and virtually all of the waste from the plant is also used as well in this virtuous cycle.


172. Sustainival, the world’s first green carnival

Life is a carnival! Sustainival, the world’s first green carnival started in Edmonton, Alberta. It’s a biodiesel powered full scale carnival infused with a message of sustainability.

Think of the filter material in your fish tank. Thanks to its very porous structure biochar provides an excellent medium for bacteria to live and do good work cleaning water, soils or someday perhaps even the stomachs of livestock. Photo David Dodge, Green Energy Futures

101. Biochar 101

Titan Clean Energy Projects is a Saskatchewan-based company making a very interesting product: biochar. We visit their plant and learn more about this amazing product.

Cows in the cow barn eat when they are hungry and big rakes automatically collect manure from the floors to feed the biogas operation on on the Callaghan family farm in Lindsay, Ontario. Ontario has built about 30 similar projects that produce electricity, clean up environmental problems and creates economic diversification on the farm. Photo David Dodge,

31. Biogas: Closing the loop on cow poop

Cow poop isn’t typically thought of as a valuable resource. But with a process called anaerobic digestion that cow poop can be turned into electricity, heat, a near odourless fertilizer and and animal bedding.