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The energy detective

181. The Energy Detective

When Ron Kube discovered his home was using nearly twice as much energy as the average home the energy detective was born. We can all learn from Ron’s journey that led to him reducing electricity use in his home by more than half–through measures so simple they are clichés.

Peter Simons, CEO of Simons

176. New Simons has largest solar system in Edmonton

The new Londonderry Simons in Edmonton, Alberta has a 636 kilowatt solar system, the largest in the city and three solar-powered electric vehicle charging stations including one level three charger capable of charging EVs in under 30 minutes.


172. Sustainival, the world’s first green carnival

Life is a carnival! Sustainival, the world’s first green carnival started in Edmonton, Alberta. It’s a biodiesel powered full scale carnival infused with a message of sustainability.

2017 Chevy Bolt EV

167. Chevy Bolt: the first low-priced, long-range electric vehicle

Two important things happened in the electric vehicle (EV) world in recent months: Late last year Quebec became the first Canadian province to adopt a requirement for the sales of zero-emission vehicles and then in February General Motors debuted its long awaited Chevy Bolt, a long range, low-priced EV.

The Zeus electric motorbike team at the University of Calgary.

74. Team Zeus

The University of Calgary is home to Team Zeus and they’re building an electric motorbike to race this summer.

Sonny Shem has really taken a shine to electric bikes and commutes regularly to work: " It makes you feel like you have bionic legs," says Shem. Photo David Dodge, Green Energy Futures

59. Electric bikes – An easy way to green your commute

The electric bike might be the single best urban transportation option out there. It’s super green, gets you outside, has really low emissions and can get you up that big hill without breaking a sweat.

Energy Storage

57. Energy storage: Power-to-gas and better batteries

Renewable energy produces energy when the sun shines and the wind blows, but these entrepreneurs are developing better batteries and new and innovative ways of capturing and storing renewable energy.

Photo David Dodge

52. Sun Country Highway

Kent Rathwell, the co-founder of Sun Country Highway, a company that installs electric charging stations, drove a Tesla Roadster across Canada in the dead of winter just to prove it could be done.

Photo David Dodge, Green Energy Futures

44. Future of transportation Part Two

With the Edmonton Auto Show under our belt we went to check out the Future of Transpotation Symposium There we met the people who are driving and using the next generation of vehicles today.

Photo by David Dodge, Green Energy Futures

43. Future of transportation Part One

Shiny, spinning and promising the latest and greatest experiences you can get behind the wheel of a car – when you’re at a car show almost anything is possible. That’s why we headed to the Edmonton Auto Show to get a handle on what the world’s biggest manufacturers are doing in the EV, hybrid and fuel economy space. Follow us as we talk to industry executives and dive into the numbers behind what’s next for the auto industry.

John Wycoco hops in one of the 300 Smart Cars that Car2Go has available in the inner core of Calgary for rental by the minute. The company also operates in Vancouver and Toronto in Canada and 14 other cities worldwide. Photo David Dodge

42. Car2Go: Carsharing in Calgary

We head to Calgary to explore how the car sharing service Car2Go works. With 300 Smart cars spread throughout Calgary they make their money on by-the-minute, on demand car rentals within 93 square kilometers of Calgary’s inner core. Parking, gas, maintenance and insurance are all included in the rate and you can find the nearest car with your smartphone. Check it out, this week at Green Energy Futures.

Photo David Dodge, Green Energy Futures Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia

24. Our favourite stories of 2012

Join us as we dive into our archives and give you our favourite clips and behind the scenes moments from 2012. From nearly falling into the Bay of Fundy to angry anti-wind protesters we go coast to coast to coast to give you best.

Phil Dayson is an accidental electric vehicle pioneer who lives in Vancouver. He wound up owning an electric car company almost a decade ago and when the Chevy Volt came out he snapped one up. Photo Kevin Sauvé

14. The rise of the electric car

Phil Dayson says he’s not a car guy, but he should probably clarify. He’s not an internal combustion engine car guy. What gets Dayson motor running isn’t the familiar rumble of a V8 but the smooth, seamless acceleration of an electric vehicle. Join us as Phil tells us what it’s like to own and drive the most popular electric vehicle going, the Chevy Volt