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Electricity from tomatoes?

134. Biogas: Brown waste – green power!

Lethbridge Biogas takes the manure and food waste, mixes it together, heats it to 39 degrees Celsius and captures the methane to power twin 1.4-megawatt generators, producing enough power for 3,000 homes.

Himark Biogas has trademarked the process of integrating cattle, biogas and ethanol operations and they have actually licensed it for use by other companies in the US. Photo David Dodge, Green Energy Futures

84. Integrated bio-refinery

On their own a feedlot, an anaerobic digester and an ethanol plant might not make sense but combine them and you’ve got an integrated bio-refinery where each business feeds the other in a virtuous cycle.

Cows in the cow barn eat when they are hungry and big rakes automatically collect manure from the floors to feed the biogas operation on on the Callaghan family farm in Lindsay, Ontario. Ontario has built about 30 similar projects that produce electricity, clean up environmental problems and creates economic diversification on the farm. Photo David Dodge,

31. Biogas: Closing the loop on cow poop

Cow poop isn’t typically thought of as a valuable resource. But with a process called anaerobic digestion that cow poop can be turned into electricity, heat, a near odourless fertilizer and and animal bedding.

Photo David Dodge, Green Energy Futures

10. The renewable energy revolution in Ontario

The German style feed-in tariff that Ontario implemented in 2009 has made Ontario a North American leader in renewable energy. Learn how they did and why other provinces need to follow the lead of Ontario.