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Himark Biogas has trademarked the process of integrating cattle, biogas and ethanol operations and they have actually licensed it for use by other companies in the US. Photo David Dodge, Green Energy Futures

84. Integrated bio-refinery

On their own a feedlot, an anaerobic digester and an ethanol plant might not make sense but combine them and you’ve got an integrated bio-refinery where each business feeds the other in a virtuous cycle.

Angelo Ligori, plant manager of Greenfield Specialty AlcoholsPhoto David Dodge, Green Energy Futures Greenfield Industrial Alcohols - industrial symbiosis

76. An integrated ethanol biorefinery wastes not

Learn how a seriously integrated ethanol plant has become a central hub for half a dozen other businesses using its byproducts of heat, CO2, distillers grains and more!

Photo David Dodge, Green Energy Futures Pond Biofuels and St Marys Cement Plant St Marys, Ontario

75. Pond Biofuels: Growing algae from CO2

Taking a waste product and turning it into a resource has been a recurring theme on this show. This week learn how Pond Biofuels is taking raw smokestack gas from one of the developed world’s most carbon intensive activities, cement manufacturing, and turning it into algae.

Energy Storage

57. Energy storage: Power-to-gas and better batteries

Renewable energy produces energy when the sun shines and the wind blows, but these entrepreneurs are developing better batteries and new and innovative ways of capturing and storing renewable energy.

Photo David Dodge, Green Energy Futures On the trail of cooking oil, from cruise ships to bus cruise lines – the story of the Cowichan Biodiesel Coop in Duncan, British Columbia

36. Micro-brewed biodiesel powers bus tours in Victoria

The Cowichan Bio-Diesel Cooperative is the plucky little coop that could. In 2004 they started selling 20-litre jugs of bio-disel at the local farmer’s market. Nine years later they’re planning to produce 150,000 to 200,000 litres with a mix of corporate and retail clients.

Photo David Dodge, Green Energy Futures

10. The renewable energy revolution in Ontario

The German style feed-in tariff that Ontario implemented in 2009 has made Ontario a North American leader in renewable energy. Learn how they did and why other provinces need to follow the lead of Ontario.

Photo David Dodge, Green Energy Futures

02. NAIT’s new alternative energy program zeros in on solar, wind, geothermal and more

NAIT’s Alternative Energy Program is helping meet the increasing demand for professionals to design, build, install and maintain green energy systems. A two-year program, it teaches students the intricacies of solar, wind, geothermal and even fuel cell systems.

Meet the students and instructors who are helping to create the next generation of skilled green energy workers.