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Green Energy Future's David Dodge and Keith Wallgren of RBF Cycles get ready to try a little winter cycling in the most northerly big city in North America. Photo Duncan Kinney, Green Energy Futures

96. Winter Cycling 101

David Dodge gets out of his comfort zone and jumps on a bike in the middle of an Edmonton winter. He learns about what kind of gear you need and how to stay warm for this fun, energy efficient mode of transportation.

Sonny Shem has really taken a shine to electric bikes and commutes regularly to work: " It makes you feel like you have bionic legs," says Shem. Photo David Dodge, Green Energy Futures

59. Electric bikes – An easy way to green your commute

The electric bike might be the single best urban transportation option out there. It’s super green, gets you outside, has really low emissions and can get you up that big hill without breaking a sweat.