81. Chasing Net Zero: Go big or go home

Blog: Building all new homes net-zero is the "big, hairy audacious goal" of one big home builder

American poet, philosopher and naturalist Henry David Thoreau once wrote “What is the use of a house if you haven't got a tolerable planet to put it on?”

A net-zero home reimagines the house not as a burden on the planet but as a regenerative node. Thoreau and his time at Walden Pond happened well before the modern spectre of climate change, but he was a naturalist and keenly attuned to what was going on around him. Ever since the energy crisis of the 1970s the idea of going being energy self-sufficient has preoccupied the creative minds of people, who like Thoreau, wanted to be self-reliant.

Net-zero homes only started being seriously considered about a decade ago, but once proven, the idea took off. And now at least one mainstream homebuilder in Edmonton, Alberta is pledging that every home it builds will be net-zero by 2015.

Reza Nasseri, the CEO of Landmark Homes, a company that builds more than 800 homes a year, set that big hairy audacious goal.

Why go net-zero? “Because we believe very strongly in the future of our children and sustainability is probably the most important thing today in our lives and we really have to protect the Earth for our new generation,” says Nasseri who says climate change is the evil we have to deal with, plain and simple. More…

Podcast: Can net zero homes become the new norm?

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This week it's Go Big or Go Home on Green Energy Futures CKUA Radio show. Seven short years after the debut of net-zero homes one builder is determined to build all new homes net-zero.


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