43. Future of transportation Part One

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Published May 17, 2013

Blog: In search of fuel efficiency nirvana Green Energy Futures goes to the car show

Glitzy graphics, a booming sound system and a fancy curtain drop reveal. This was the big media event that we had been invited to at the Edmonton Auto Show. Alas, we weren’t there to ogle the latest concept truck from Ford.

No, this auto show gave us the opportunity to see how North America’s big auto manufacturers are approaching the marketing and sales of their fuel-efficient electric vehicles and hybrids.

Electric vehicle pioneers

Electric vehicles, or EVs, are still in their early stages of development. Though there are several production models available, but sales are soft, especially in jurisdictions like Alberta where there are no government incentives for the vehicles or charging stations like there are in Quebec, Ontario and B.C.

There are five full-on battery electric vehicles for sale in Canada right now. Only three were on display at the Edmonton Auto Show, the Ford Focus Electric, the Nissan Leaf and the Mitsubishi i-MiEV. The Chevy Volt is an electric car too, but it also has a gasoline-powered generator on board to extend its range. Absent from this show is the best selling electric car for the first quarter of 2013: the Tesla S. More…

Podcast: Automakers show off their latest EVs, hybrids and ultra-efficient gas cars

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We head to the Edmonton Auto Show to check out the new lineup of EVs, hybrids and even some super efficient gas vehicles. We talk to auto industry execs and check out their lineups and find out where they're headed and what they really think about these new products.


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Commuting in Canada

From Statscan

This article examines various facets of travelling between home and work. Part 1 begins with information about commuting times and how frequently workers are caught in traffic. In particular, it compares commuting times in major metropolitan areas by mode of transportation used by workers. Part 2 looks at workers’ perceptions of the time they spend commuting. Are they happy with this time or not? In the past, there was no way of answering this question, but now there is data from by the General Social Survey which allows this question to be addressed. GO >

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Electric vehicle FAQ

A list of frequently asked questions about electric vehicles answered by the people at the Canadian Automobile Association.  GO >

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New Report: Reduction in driving likely to continue

As the average number of miles driven by Americans heads into its eighth year of decline, a new report from the U.S. PIRG Education Fund finds that the slowdown in driving is likely to continue. Baby Boomers are moving out of the phase in their life when they do the most commuting, while driving-averse Millennials move into that phase. These demographic changes and other factors will likely keep driving down for decades, according to the report, "A New Direction: Our Changing Relationship with Driving and the Implications for America’s Future." GO >

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