13. Solar bonds: Ethical, local investing in solar energy

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Published September 25, 2012

Blog: Financial innovation that doesn't blow up the economy - Learn how to ethically invest in solar bonds

It might actually be easier to fit a camel through the eye of a needle than to find investments that not only produce a healthy return but also contribute to a better society.

Enter Solar Bonds from SolarShare in Ontario. The investment side is solid. A $1,000 bond has a return of five per cent for five years. The kicker? That money is invested in getting solar energy projects up and running in Ontario.

SolarShare is headed up by  Mike Brigham, a long-time supporter and advocate of green energy in Ontario.

Very early one morning this summer I joined Mike in his Chevy Volt electric car to head off to Mississauga to view SolarShare’s biggest project. The WaterView Solar Project almost completely covers one hectare of the Daimler North American Bus Manufacturing plant’s roof in Mississauga.

Standing there on the roof in a sea of thin-film solar modules Mike Brigham explained that the WaterView project cost $2.1 million dollars, has 3040 16-foot solar modules and occupies 10,000 square metres of roof space.

Checking a solar app on his smart phone Brigham said “Right now we’re putting out about 75,000 watts,” he says with a grin.

This project is one of 18 that are generating electricity and healthy financial returns around Ontario and only Ontario residents can invest. More…

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There are few things more difficult than finding an ethically responsible way to invest your hard-earned money while still generating a healthy return. That's why when we heard about Solar Bonds our ears pricked up. This week we explore how they work, what they pay and how innovative investing schemes like these help spread the benefits of renewable energy around to regular folks. 


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