10. The renewable energy revolution in Ontario

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Published August 30, 2012

Blog: The transformative power of the feed-in tariff - Meet Ontario's Green Energy Act

Alberta and Ontario are, from an outsider’s perspective, remarkably similar. Their residents sing the same anthem, they drink the same double-double’s and a vast number of people in both places live vicariously through the local hockey team. But in one key aspect Ontario is practically another world. It has embraced renewable energy like nowhere else in North America.

Here’s a bold prediction.

The latest quarterly progress report by the Ontario Power Authority on electricity supply in Canada’s most populous province isn’t destined to be on the bedsides of millions of people. But what this dry, chart-heavy document reveals is the plain fact that starting in 2011 Ontario already had 4,125 MW of renewable energy projects operating and 6,255 MW under development thanks the Ontario’s feed-in tariff (FIT) program.

For perspective Alberta, a pioneer of the wind industry only has 967 MW of wind power operational and comparatively very little hydro or biomass and practically no solar.

Or put another way Ontario is Ontario is installing around the equivalent of the Bruce Nuclear Power Plant worth of renewables. More…

Podcast: How Ontario involved tens of thousands of regular citizens in renewable energy

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We start off this week's podcast with everyon'e favourite 1967 Expo-era Ontario promotional tune. This earworm of a ditty was commissioned by the government of Ontario for the 1967 Expo in Montreal. While those Jetsonian fantasies didn’t come true Ontario is taking futuristic and radical steps towards a renewable energy future. Imagine a place that is planning to turn off all of its coal plants in just two years and replacing most of it with renewable energy. That is happening right now in Ontario.


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Financing Renewable Energy – Accelerating Ontario’s Green Energy Industry

According to the Ontario Power Authority (OPA), an estimated 25% of Ontario’s electricity is generated from renewable energy sources. While this is commendable, hydroelectric power accounts for the vast majority of the province’s renewable energy production. Solar and wind-based energies make up only a small fraction of our overall energy supply. With the recent passage of new renewable energy laws, the OPA projects that 4,200 MW in wind and 1,760 MW in solar and biomass generating capacity will come online by 2014. GO >

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Feed-in tariff price schedule

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Feed-in tariff FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Ontario's feed-in tariff program. The program has recently been revised and this FAQ mostly focuses on those changes as well as providing a lot of background on the details. GO >

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Latest feed-in tariff numbers from Ontario

Ontario's Power Authority keeps track of the who, what, where, when and why of the grid in Ontario's most populous province. They also keep track of who is accessing the feed-in tariff or FIT program. We used these reports for the facts in our stories. GO >

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Episode 10 Slideshow - Ontario's Green Energy Act

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