09. How Toronto's waterfront wind turbine kick-started a green energy revolution

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Published August 28, 2012

Blog: The Butterfly Effect: How a single wind turbine led to Ontario's Green Energy Act

Mathematician, meteorologist and chaos theory pioneer Edward Lorenz was the man behind the butterfly effect. The simple, appealing idea embedded in the analogy that if a distant butterfly flaps its wings a few weeks later you might have a hurricane on your doorstep.

Twelve years ago the Toronto Renewable Energy Cooperative formed with a simple idea –  build a highly visible urban wind turbine – and it ended with the most robust renewable energy regime in North America.

Deb Doncaster is currently the executive director of the Community Power Fund and former executive director of the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association. She was involved with TREC almost from the beginning.

 “I don’t know that there was a big vision beyond bringing renewable energy technologies into the Ontario marketplace and allowing for diverse forms of ownership. At that point in time we hadn’t envisioned a feed-in tariff program, we hadn’t envisioned a Green Energy Act for Ontario, it was really let’s just introduce windmills and let’s introduce the notion of community ownership.” More…

Podcast: How a green energy icon sprouted on Toronto's waterfront

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Visible to hundreds of thousands of commuters and park goers every day the wind turbine at exhibition place on Toronto’s waterfront is a daily reminder of the power of green energy in Ontario. Developed by the TREC Renewable Energy Cooperative the story of North America’s first urban wind turbine is an important story to tell for any one or any group looking to emulate Ontario’s renewable energy revolution.




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