01. Author Chris Turner on taking the green energy leap

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Published April 30, 2012

Blog: 01. Green Energy: Chris Turner takes a leap

Author Chris Turner calls it “the great leap sideways, the big jump we all need to take that leads to the brightest possible future.”

The leap Turner is referring to is to replace non-renewable energy with renewable energy in the next 50 years. “We need to move to wind, solar, biomass, geothermal, some small scale hydro, maybe some large scale hydro, and maybe some nuclear.”

Inspired by the attention that wasn’t being paid to climate change Turner started writing about solutions instead of problems.

And that is the idea and purpose behind the Green Energy Futures series. We will seek out and tell the stories of people engaged with green energy solutions in their homes, businesses and government.

My own inspiration for the series came while serving on the City of Edmonton’s Renewable Energy Task Force. I was very surprised to learn about all of the exciting green energy initiatives that we don’t hear about. I realized that interest in green energy is very high and that it cuts across traditional ideological lines.

Chris Turner inspired many people with his first book, The Geography of Hope. Like his latest book The Leap, it’s focused on telling the stories of the people who are succeeding in implementing green energy solutions. We caught up with Chris Turner in Calgary, Alberta.

“The core idea in The Leap is going all the way in your thinking,” explains Turner.

 “The grand narrative of the industrial revolution is in some ways about people seizing opportunity,” said Turner. Today that opportunity is in renewable energy where not only can we seize a sizable economic opportunity but avoid catastrophe at the same time.

Whether motivated by climate change, the finite nature of non-renewable resources like oil or a sense of pragmatism that sees diversification of the global energy supply as a good idea, we are in the midst of a great energy transformation.


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The Geography of Hope

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The Leap

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In this video interview Tim Weis helps us understand what sustainable or green energy looks like in Canada and asks the question how far can we go? We explore the lessons learned in Germany, Alberta's early advantage and the situation in Ontario. Tim Weis is the director of renewable energy and efficiency for the Pembina Institute

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Green Energy with Chris Turner and Calgary - Flickr Slide Show


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